Dell is a popular laptop brand because it is not only reliable but it is also affordable. However, like most laptops, the Dell battery is made out of lithium-ion hat wear out over time.

The good news is that dell batterie does not wear out at the same speed because this will greatly depend on how you care for your Dell battery. There are some changes that you can do to improve your laptop’s battery performance, and therefore – stretch your battery life longer.

Conserve Dell battery power

An effective way to improve your battery is to reduce the power it consumes. Do battery conserving habits such as turning off the Bluetooth or WiFi when you are not using them, reducing screen brightness, disconnecting external devices when you are not using them, and reducing the amount of software that you use at one time.

Do not expose to extreme temperatures

Your laptop should not be exposed to extreme temperatures – cold or hot. Take note that a lithium-ion battery can swell up when exposed to high heat. If exposed, make sure that your laptop is at normal temperature before you charge or use it.

Check your battery health often

Battery health will affect the performance of your laptop and the battery’s run time. You must check your battery health from time to time.

If it shows that your battery is excellent, it means your battery is operating at its maximum capacity. If it says fair this means the battery is nearing the end of its life and you should consider purchasing a new battery. When it says poor, this means your laptop’s battery is unable to provide sufficient power and that you should replace your Dell battery.

Make use of the Dell battery management tools

Dell has provided a way for you to select a battery setting that you can optimize according to your usage pattern. You can use these tools to make your laptop charge faster or extend your battery life. You can access these settings in the Dell Power Manager and Dell Command.

Adjust the power plan in Windows

You can also use Microsoft Windows Power Plan to help improve your battery performance. This is a power scheme that manages how laptops can conserve battery power and usage.

Just go to Start, type Control Panel, then go to Hardware and Sound. Look for Power Options and you can select your preferred power plan from there.

Never drain your battery

Your battery should be running between 40 and 80 percent. It is not advisable to let your battery drain out to zero since the full recharge that has to take place will hurt your battery life too. The only time you should drain out your battery is if you are replacing it with a new one.

Replace your Dell battery

Luckily, Dell is a popular brand so it is relatively easy to get your hands on battery replacements. This is a good thing because your laptop is just as good as its battery. Getting a new battery can help extend the life of your laptop as well and allow you to use it for a long time.


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