I’ve always been intrigued by the wide variety of candy that’s out there. I mean, who doesn’t like a sweet treat every now and again? But it can be fun to try something new or different than what you’re used to. The only problem is that finding an exotic candy you’ve never heard of can be challenging. You don’t want to waste money on something that isn’t going to taste good or even be edible! There are some strategies you can use though:

Look up an alphabetized list of candy companies

If you’re having trouble finding a specific candy, your next step is to look up an alphabetized list of candy companies. If you know the first letter of the company’s name and want to limit your search to that particular letter, use those letters (or just think about which candy company starts with those letters).

Ask family and friends if they know of any candies you’ve never heard of

If you have family and friends who grew up in another country, or who are of a different ethnicity than you, ask them if they know of any exotic candies that aren’t popular in your area. Keep in mind that people may not be familiar with the same candy names as others around the world; for example, some countries call chocolate-covered peanuts “Bamba” while others call them “chocolate raisins”.

You could also ask your coworkers about their favorite candies and see if they can offer any suggestions for new ones, you haven’t tried before. They may even be able to tell you some fun facts about an unusual candy that is available locally!

Look on an international company’s website to see what their top-selling candies are

Looking for a candy you’ve never heard of? A great place to start is the international section of a company’s website. Candy companies often have sections dedicated to their international offerings, where they’ll list their top sellers by country. Here are some examples:

Hershey has an entire page dedicated to international sweets, divided into sections by country.

Nestle has its own “Worldwide” section with product information and reviews from countries around the world. You can search through each individual country’s selection or browse all candies at once by clicking on a map icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

Godiva also has an International section with descriptions of their most popular treats and how they’re made (for example, Ghana’s chocolate-covered peanuts).

Google “unusual candies” or “exotic candies”

If you’re looking for a rare candy, the best way to find it is by searching Google. Just type in “unusual candies” or “exotic candies,” and then choose the search term that works best for you!

There are many different ways to refine your search terms when looking at unusual and exotic candies:

Searching for companies or brands will give you more results overall than searching by product. This is because of the sheer number of products that each company has released over time (and perhaps even still sells today). For example, if you were looking into finding some kind of hard crackling candy with a fruity flavor, then it might be easier—and quicker—to do so by targeting just one brand rather than all products within a specific category like fruit-flavored hard crackles.


If there’s any particular flavor that interests you, try searching using keywords from its name (like “strawberry” or “blueberry”). You can also use words like “fruity” if none of those terms seem right; they’ll probably get into your results as well! We hope this article has given you some ideas on how to find an exotic candy that’s never been heard of before.


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